Sound Kits


As a producer we all run into beat block at some point. Struggling to find the right sound or sample to get the next joint going. That’s when opening up a new sound kit just might be the answer to all your problems. New sounds = New inspiration. To me, it’s like Christmas when I get some more kits downloaded. Sometimes I’ll even challenge myself to make a whole beat out of one kit. Shit, maybe even 2 or 3 beats from one kit. Then move onto the next kit and do the same thing. Before you know it you just increased your catalog by 15-20 beats and could put together a beat tape if you wanted to.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite places to go to buy sound kits.

Between these four sites you will literally never run out of inspiration to keep making heat!

Email us video clips of you making beats to with your IG handle in the email and we will post them and tag you in it.